What is Crypto Art?

Digital Scarcity + Art = Crypto Art

One of the things that makes traditional artwork valuable is it’s the only piece like it.

There’s only one Mona Lisa.

If you wanted to have it, you have to buy it.

Or try to steal it.

But in the digital world, images can easily be replicated.

Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V, and voila! You now possess the image and the original owner still has theirs. Infinite replication without stealing.

You can download a 1,000 digital copies of the Mona Lisa right now and use them as the background of your phone for free right now, or just fill a folder on your desktop with them if you wanted to.

But if something is infinitely available, why would anybody pay for it? When was the last time you paid for air?

Infinite replication that has led to many artists resisting technology and being exceptionally pessimistic about the future of art in the internet age. Their work can easily be ripped off, copied, downloaded, and shared without the artist receiving compensation for their work which drops the bottom out of the creator market.

Until now.

With the advent of the Ethereum network (and many other crypto-backed technologies like it), artists & creators can make digital work that’s genuinely scarce; just like it’s a digital Mona Lisa.


The magic of cryptographic algorithms is that they can make digital work that’s actually limited.

Here’s a quick explainer video about how digital paintings, photos, and animations can be genuinely ownable, limited, and authenticated:

To this end I’ve uploaded some of my digital paintings on MakersPlace, and you can buy them for Ether.

Don’t have any Ether, or don’t know where to get some? Don’t worry, you can buy a “CryptoPrint” with a debit or credit card; you’ll still own the digital creation.

In addition to offering CryptoPrints I’ve also built a Virtual Reality gallery for my work on a piece of digital land that I own within the world of “CryptoVoxels.”

In Conclusion

Crypto and blockchain technology is an incredible step forward in technological evolution and is opening a level of individual freedom and personal ownership that’s never been possible before. I’m so excited to be on the forefront of its development!

Welcome to the future.